Upstream Festival




Working independently, I completed research, planning, and design on a website prototype for Vulcan's Upstream Festival in Seattle, WA. This was a website for a new music festival that was set in upcoming spring.  Using Vulcan's branding and style guide, as well as their user personas, I was able to build navigation structure, mood and style boards and designed a prototype website to enable people to plan, purchase tickets and explore featured artists.

The project duration was 8 weeks.




Visual Design
UX/UI Design





The 3-day music festival and summit gives local artists the resources they need to navigate and thrive in the music economy. Managed by Vulcan, by way of Paul Allen, the festival houses 200 artists in 2 days over more than 25 venues around the Pioneer Square neighborhood in Seattle, WA.

Because the festival was unexplored territory for our client, I had lots of creative freedom/room to explore. They didn't have much content when we were briefed by Director of Branding, Erik Johnson.  This was new to us almost as new to them. Vulcan did establish brand guidelines, but in terms of layout, everything was free game. A simple landing page was set for the festival at the time, and Vulcan was open to new ideas and possible solutions to the website.






Information Architecture




Gathering the information I learned from researching other national and international festivals, along with 5 user interviews I conducted myself - I constructed a prototype offering . Through the interviews, I kept hearing that when it comes to new festivals the interviewees wanted to learn 3 things before they wanted to explore the rest of the website:

  1. Which bands were playing the festival
  2. How much tickets were
  3. The dates of the festival

For a user to quickly absorb this information, I designed the homepage accordingly to showcase this information.