Stripped ego


Case study

Stripped Ego is a Unixsex skincare line led by 3 women based in Harlem, NY. Their products are meant to inspire relaxation by having their products entirely plant-based and with no additives.

Stripped Ego wanted to have a refined brand. They wanted a brand to be clear and precise, and approachable.



I looked through their current website and captured their homepage:


Overall Website

There seems to be have various fonts throughout the website. Narrow, wide, and then the font on the navigation and copy on the website. I would have these fonts be cohesive throughout the website.


The homepge has beautiful imagery and I personally love full width images. However, if Stripped Ego is trying to tell a story with imagery and copy, I would try and mend the two instead of keeping it separate. I suggested adding imagery next to the copy so that you are able to give a bigger impact.  

Color Scheme

Their color palette seems to be black and white while displaying large and colorful images.  I suggested to think of who their user is.  If their customer is a young, energetic bold, I suggested to go to a color scheme to match. If their customer is older, living a less crazy lifestyle, then color scheme to match that.


The navigation isn't responsive. I also suggested to think of the customers using their website on mobile devices. Also, the text size can be smaller.



Web 1920 – 1.png