Singrly is a developing app by Founder Anthony Choice.  He offers music therapy & talent agency services to activities directors (AD) who work with seniors in retirement communities. He helps ADs who use music as therapy to meet their resident engagement goals. His goal was to leverage technology to streamline delivery of services and provide a wider range of talent to these ADs.

Anthony was looking for a way to present his app to future investors. He wanted to have a mobile app that can let ADs search and book talent for their senior living communities as well as have talent look for future gigs.

Anthony and I collaborated to design the interface for a user-friendly mobile app as well as build the foundation of his new brand. 



UX/UI Design
Brand Development
Interface Design




The first stages of designing the app was to build research how these artists usually book events with these ADs and how ADs look for talent currently. I've discovered that they usually interact with each other through agencies and/or talent managers. We wanted to cut the middle man and have it be easy for both the talent and the ADs to work together quickly and efficiently.

2 journey maps. One for the performers and one for Activities Directors:


Style Guide

Singrly Style Guide.png

Prototype Stage 1

After deciding on visual designs for the overall look of the mobile app. I entered the images into InVision.