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As an innovator in the exciting world of Fintech, Laurel Road is focused on creating seamless, personalized experiences for its customers. From student loan refinancing to mortgages to personal loans, we offer online financing solutions with honest, competitive rates and clear terms that help simplify financial decision-making. We strive to be a trusted financial partner by supporting our customers at every financial milestone, with the technology and simplicity they expect from a digital innovator, and the transparency and security they deserve from a bank.

Digital Mortgage Application overview

We designed Laurel Road’s mortgage web application in hopes of easing the mortgage process for users within the US. The goal was to boil down what could take days, multiple appointments with loan officers to apply, submit forms through closing within a few hours on the web. We wanted to enable users to take control their time when it comes to a big step as purchasing or refinancing property.

streamlined shopping

When people have a property in mind to purchase, or decided to refinance their home to get cash out, they often have intent to do so. They know their financial standing….We wanted to support this behavior and help users find their rate products faster. The users are asked a series of questions that goes to one personalized product pricing page.



Brand/User Development


Adobe Creative Suite


get everything you need

Shopping for a home is different than other types of e-commerce. On average, users have around…SEARCH FOR STATS…and often times. While using our Mortgage application, users can

As we designed this shopping experience, we wanted to ensure that users could easily find deals and complete them online. We included Dashboard where they were able to see their tasks, uploaded documents, information about their property.

Challenge, revamp

Laurel Road has been in business since 2016. We were in the early stages of mapping out and developing an online platform for purchasing and refinancing mortgages.

When I arrived, the mortgage product had their first design iteration. We were in the stages of redesigning the look and feel of the product. Focusing first on Preliminary, and Pricing Product page. My job was to take these designs, make full prototypes so we would be able to redesign at a quicker pace. After series of testing, we discovered that users were not having a streamlined experience we had hoped for. We decided to do a revamp in series of stages while still taking data from user testing. —- almost to design in “real-time”
show old mockup here***** Designs when I arrived


show new mockup here *** Our newly updated designs

challange, Task flow

We decided to shorten our flow by being able to combine pages, get insight of the necessary documents and information we need to obtain from the user and to see what more we can do the user on the backend of things.

***old task and new new task here

we had a targeted group for our products for student loan, however with mortgage, we hoped to have targeted “HENRYs” High Earning No Rich Yet for student loans. Our products wanted to still appeal to a millennial generation. We strive to keep this as our target audience, but noticed quickly that our target audience were an older bracket. With this we were faced with deciding how the look and feel of our mortgage app can reflect our overall brand story.



Our team of Business Analysts, Engineers and the Creative team would plan and breakdown what was needed. We decided to break down our sprints into categories of documentation, or knowledge of the user.

  1. Preliminary

  2. Pricing Product, Loan Selection

  3. Expenses Documentation

  4. Income/Employment

  5. REO

  6. HMDA, Legal

  7. Subject Property

  8. Purchase Agreement

  9. Savings Documentation

  10. Appraisa

  11. Closing