9tofive is a New York based e-commerce company that provides made to measure suits with a twist. They strive in unifying the community by connecting consumers with their local tailors. This ensures that measurements for these suits are accurate and the ability to support local businesses. By having a local tailor measure for them instead of having the customer doing it themselves provides customer confidence with the experience with 9tofive. 

My role was to lead the UX work, producing all major deliverables and presenting these to the client since June 2017. I worked alongside a graphic designer, and developer for branding and development of the website.


9tofive is in the beginning of gathering images and content for the website so I had access to little or no imagery. My challenge is to design an e-commerce website where they only had so few images of the suits themselves. We would have to have interesting imagery that will peek interest to potential customers. Once the company gets going, is when they will build a larger base of photography of products.

This is an exciting challenge for me. I have to build an experience for the user to be interested in a product that they can't necessarily see (at first). I would have to focus on the idea of mystery in a product as well as a lasting impression from the splash page to a fully functional website.



Information Architecture
Brand Development



Competitive Analysis

First I wanted to gain insight on what 9tofive's competitors' states on the web.  I researched each website and found variation of data. One of 9tofive's goal is to have an average visual duration to be at least 1 minute.  Also noticed total visits in a 28 days time, as well as daily visits.

I went to each website and made notes about first impressions, design aspects, task flow and overall experience. All websites are visually appealing, with clear, large images. Color schemes were black, white and blue overall 3 websites.
Indochino's website has a lot of product listings on the homepage, while the other 2 websites explained their brand on how they run their business and had product listings under the "Shop" category. Getting insight on the homepage and what each company conveys, let's us determine what kind of information 9tofive should give as a first impression.

User Personas

9tofive wants to draw in the attention of men that are in their mid-20s to mid 40s. Within each decade depicts different career stages. John has his first job after college. Adam has been in his job for a few years, and Michael is leading a company with over 10 years experience. What we found out was that all 3 users want a convenient, efficient way to order custom made suits online. Majority leans towards quality over quantity, and needs various accessories in addition to the suits.

After reviewing these user personas, and further discussion, we agreed that we will then target men between mid-20s and mid 30s. The men in this age range would be open to the idea of purchasing suits online, and wanted to be informed about new trends.


Information Architecture

9tofive task flow.png

Task Flow



Once we organized what kind of content we wanted to display along with the information architecture, I designed wireframes for the homepage, products page and details page. Our goal is to have our website be visually-heavy and less copy. Simple/lean layout, especially for the details page. This is what our fully functional website would look like.





Splash Page Options

By following the moodboard and finding a color palette that is fresh, youthful and sophisticated. Getting inspiration from the actual moodboard itself, I incorporated layered assets, whether it be shapes or other photos.

Home Page.png